My First Steps

One small step for a computer whiz, one giant leap for a newbie like me. I am finally stepping into the exciting (and slightly intimidating) world of Blogging.

I love the idea of being able to share my thoughts with people from around the world and to read their ideas in return. This is truly becoming a connected world.

The world has shrunk in the last few decades, in my lifetime in fact (27 years). We have access to a global network like never before in history. We have a world of information at our fingertips that is more than anyone would have believed a hundred years ago, or even fifty years ago. I sometimes imagine what it would be like if someone from the past were to travel to our time.. Would they think we were insane? Would they be scared of what we can do or think we were some kind of gods? What would they think when they saw that we were talking to small boxes in our hands or even sometimes, to thin air? That we can trap tiny people in boxes and make them act out shows for us. That we can write letters using strange machines and have them read by people across the world. That we can know in an instant what is happening around the world, even their weather. This is the kind of knowledge only magicians or seers are supposed to have.

Yet we take it for granted. We need to learn to respect this amazing gift and use it wisely. So wish me luck, for my first foray into this magical world.


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