Why do we write?

Far too often we are so busy writing for school or work that we have no interest in picking up a pen ever again. We feel mentally exhausted and stressed about the work we still need to do. It is more important to finish that six page report than write down a story that is hovering in the back of your mind. So we shove that creative spark to the bottom of the to-do-list and move on.

Yet that story does not want to be silenced. It remains there like a small mosquito bite that you can’t help itching occasionally. However, unlike a bite, this is one itch we should scratch.

When we write we are using our right brain, our creative side. We need this side to be active in order to use our whole brain and to fully reach our potential. If we allow that story to come through, we might lose a bit of time but we will increase our brain function and improve our being. Add to this, the added stress relief and enjoyment. I think the better question should be ‘Why wouldn’t we write?’


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