My Journey

I actually cannot believe this day has come. I have been working for months with a group of authors from Pretoria to collaborate on an anthology of short stories and it is finally done. It is published! I am once again a published author. I have even sold a few copies already. It is an amazing opportunity  and I am thrilled to have made it to this point.

I have published seven children’s books already but this is my first foray into young adult writing. I receieved a lot of guidance from the more experienced authors in the group and appreicate all their help. They are a wonderful group of writers and I hope for future projects together.

The anthology is titled Journey and is a collection of short stories around a central theme. They are a variety of short stories from all different genres, which is amazing as it is expanding my interest in different genres. They are all about a journey, some physical, some emotional. My story is about a young girl who is lonely and does not fit into the world around her. She is taken on a journey to a forsaken land where she experiences true loneliness. Through this journey, she realises that she has a choice: does she want to be lonely or is it worth the risk of putting herself out there?

The Anthology is avaiable as an e-book on Smashwords or as a paperback, please contact me for more information.



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