Lost in the wilderness of time…

This year is flying like a peregrin falcon (the fastest bird in the world). It is passing me by and that can be terrifying. I turned 28 this year and had an absolute moment of “I cannot believe I am here already”. That is how I have been feeling all year: like time is passing me by. Somehow, while I have been working and reading and living, life is just going on. This is very true for me at the moment as I realise it has been so long since I last wrote anything. The river is moving so fast that it feels like I havent had the time to appreciate the scenary, never mind write about the pretty trees. Today I realised something, if I allow time to just rush past then I will never appreciate it. There is no way to stop it, no way to get out of the boat or pause the river for even a moment. But there is something I can do. I can keep my eyes open, breathe and enjoy the ride. I went white water rafting once, it was terrifying but exhilirating. It was also over very fast. So this is my new dedication, I might be on a speeding train that is rushing through life, I might get motion sick from the speed of the scenary flashing past, but I am going to keep my eyes open and keep looking. I will look for the small details in the crazy flashing moments of time and I will learn to enjoy the speed, rather than trying to slow it down. I will stop trying to cling onto time but rather let it free, watch it soaring past and just love the flight.


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